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Hormone Replacement with Bio-Identical Pellets

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Hormones are made either synthetically or bio-identical to human natural
hormones. Bio-identical hormones are plant-based compounds derived from soy
plants. They are compounded according to industry standards without horse urine
and other fillers, just pure, biologically identical to match the molecular structure
of human hormones. In contrast to human hormones, synthetic hormones like oral
pills or capsules, topical creams, and injections are hormones derived from horse
urine and fillers and in order to be patented are formulated to not match human
hormones. Patches do provide a constant stream of hormones, but they have to be
changed often especially in warm weather.  No wonder you feel unbalanced,
emotionally up and down even though you are on hormones!
Dr.  Gino  Tutera,  MD,  an expert in bio-identical hormone therapy refined bio-
identical hormone pellet therapy as the best choice for natural hormone
replacement therapy.  His treatment method is based on the right hormone
(biologically identical) correct amount (using a calculator based on hormone labs
from the patient to give how much the individual patient needs) and right delivery
(pellets allow the hormone which is implanted right under the skin in the buttock to allow a steady state concentration and equilibrium). Bio-identical pellets have been used since 1937 in Europe,  Japan, and the US Studies that show that Bioidentical hormones can benefit a variety of conditions to those stated above as well as depression, weight gain, osteoporosis with minimal side effects if at all any.

For Men

Are you suffering from decreased libido,  decreased energy,  mood swings, anxiety, poor memory, lack of mental clarity, and lethargy? This could be the result of a condition similar to female menopause call ANDROPAUSE which is similar to female menopause.

Men do not have to feel this way any longer!

Treatment with hormonal pellets can improve your quality of life and overall well-being! Med Life Fit Medical Clinic and Spa now offer Bio-identical Hormones in a revolutionary delivery system that is different from taking Viagra oral pills, Testosterone injections, or topical ointments. Thousands of men and women across the US and Europe use SottoPelle therapy as their preferred method and they have been transformed into feeling healthy, vibrant, and alive again.

For Women

Are  you  suffering  from  brain  fog,  poor  memory,  depression,  lack  of  energy,
weight gain,  migraine headaches,  osteoporosis,  lack of libido, or hot flashes?

You don’t have to feel this way any longer! 

Treatment with  Bio-identical Hormones can improve your quality of life tremendously!

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