Our Most Professional Offerings

  • Hormone Replacement with Bio-Identical Pellets

    1. Men and Women Treatments

  • Lifestyle Change

    1. Weight Loss with healthy eating of whole foods

    2. Weight loss with evidenced-based medicine Protein shakes & hearty meal plates for convenience; for busy families

    3. Healthy improvements of Blood pressure and Blood sugar

    4. Improvements in Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Sleep, Smoking Cessation

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    1. Penile Self-Injections

    2. Your Wave© with topical Acoustic Wave treatments

  • Acoustic Wave Treatments

    1. Inflammatory Joints & Arthritis Pains

    2. Erectile Dysfunction (see Your Wave©) above

  • Female Dysfunction with Platelet Rich Plasma

    1. Urinary Incontinence

    2. Vaginal Dryness

Procedures Coming in Near Future !!

  1. Subcutaneous Fat Removal 

  2. Facial Procedures

  3. Botox Injections

  4. Facial Cosmetics designed by ZO© by Obagi

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