Our Most Professional Offerings

  • Hormone Replacement with Bio-Identical Pellets

    1. Men and Women Treatments

  • Lifestyle Change

    1. Weight Loss with healthy eating of whole foods

    2. Weight loss with evidenced-based medicine Protein shakes & foods

    3. Healthy improvements of Blood pressure and Blood sugar

    4. Improvements in Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Sleep, Smoking Cessation

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    1. Penile Self-Injections

    2. Your Wave© with topical Acoustic Wave treatments

  • Acoustic Wave Treatments

    1. Inflammatory Joints & Arthritis Pains

    2. Erectile Dysfunction (see Your Wave©) above

  • Female Dysfunction with Platelet Rich Plasma

    1. Urinary Incontinence

    2. Vaginal Dryness


Procedures Coming in Near Future !!

  1. Facial Procedures

1.Botox Injections

2. Facials using designed by

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