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THE WORD for the WEEK Title: unashamed Adoration! Week of 10/02/2022

"Come, let us sing for joy to Ike Lord,• let shout aloud tv the Rock of our salvation.,. For the Lard is the great God, the great King above gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountains peaks belong to him, The sea is his, for he made it', and his hands formed the dry land. Come let bmp down in "'ORSI•IIP, (er us kneel before the Lord Maker.„ Today, if only Job would hear his voice,

Do harden your hearts as you did at Mariah …Forty years I was angry "'with that generation; God said* "They are a people whose hearts go astray... They shall never enter 'WY REST." Psalm 95

the Book of Psalms is divided into 5 sections corresponding to the -S books of Moses or Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus. Leviticus. Numbers Deuteronomy). The 4th book.

includes Psalms 90-106. "The purpose of the individual in Psalms (which includes Psalms

95) was express the heights and depths of their relationship with God. They were 10 guide

God's people in have to approach God no matter what i.e. were going through in lite -these psalms: were to exalt high worship, respect, trust in God when evil prevailed, and confessions and true repentance in an altitude to getting it right with God. Moses is the author of Psa.ln7 95. let's listen to his praise and proclamations about our Jehovah (God.!

We should SHOUT joyfully about our God every chance we can get because God is our Rock,

God's power to save us is rooted in our praise. The more I-le saves the more we praise. No human can do what God has done, is doing currently and will do in our future. He is the Creator of.' everything-the mountain peaks, the sea and dry lands, wishes us to come before his presence. The gift to bring before Him is orations of -thanksgiving. Although in the bible it speaks of offerings to bring but a hear• of saying thanks to what he has done is what God treasures in our relationship with him. The psalmist calls us as God's people 10 demonstrate their submission to by bowing before I-him in corporate WORSHIP! He. then urges readers Lo listen and obey the Lord's voice, God pleads with u's not to be hard-headed, like the

Israelites al Mariah who rebelled: doing their own thing, doing whale they wanted to do and nit what God 101d them to do through Moses. God eventually let them wonder in wilderness 40 years and God vowed not to let them enter into His rcstqneaning they would not experience the blessings that cone though a right relationship with Liam. 'loads, what has God Word told to do and we have justified not to do. James 4:8 says, "Whoever knows lee right thing 10 do and /hills 10 do it, him/her i.e. is sin Lord, have mercy on us. God forbid us.

We should rest in Hilti, wait on him\ and while waiting, Worship HIM, lean in on •rail, Obey Film and believe in hug strength that God will do for each. of LIS what I-le said I-le would do though 1000 generations. '1"rusL and Obey. finer (here is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and Obey! Come, Come Lets WORSHIP Shout together

!.B.E.N.S. Lifestyle Support Group is Oct 8 2022 1 •r am *Facebook Live!

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