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“True faith in Rahab, the prostitute"

“Go view the land, even Jericho… and they came into a harlot’s house, named Rahab and she said unto the men, I know the Lord has given you the land and all the inhabitants fear you…for the Lord YOUR God, he is God in heaven and earth…since I have shown kindness (hid them on the roof), will you show kindness to my father’s house and me…and deliver our lives from death. Joshua 2:1-14

Who would ever think that God would use a prostitute? Who would ever believe that the providential will of God would lead Joshua’s spies to the only person who believed and trusted God in a town called Jericho? Yes, Rahab the prostitute took her life into her hands when she hid the spies on her roof. She and her family were destined to die as God had commanded Joshua’s men to do (Deut 7:1-3).  The most important thing about Rahab was not being a Harlot but it was her faith in God. In fact, this is the most important thing about any of us, for “without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). 

In the scripture above Joshua is now the Leader and Commander in Chief of the Israelites as they move toward crossing the Jordan River to the Promised land. Joshua had seen “Signs and Wonder” of the awesome Lord Jehovah parting the Red Sea and then close it drowning the pursuing Egyptian army. Joshua has grown up now and also grown up having faith and trust in our Lord God. He also had become a general with exceptional military skill and courage. Joshua had priests and tribal leaders to continue to teach the people and perform temple duties.

Then, appearing on the scene is the “True faith in Rahab, the prostitute” by an providential order by God that extended up through the lineage to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Rahab, most likely had heard of the awesome God who had shown His power for His people. For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Some have faith and think just by believing they can make things happen. Others think having faith in horoscopes or superstitions is faith but when become faulty and unpredictable: become lies. Some think their bank account will get them through except when there is a pandemic and run out of money. True faith involves input from all the personalities: the mind is instructed, the spirit/ emotion is stirred up and the will acts in obedience to God. Rahab obedience gave way to God’s grace that helped her and her family. None of us deserve to be save, but God had mercy on her and to His people today! Be Blessed .

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