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“The Sovereign GOD”


TITLE: “The Sovereign GOD” 7/14/21

“From the time that worship is banned from the Temple then filthiness is set in its place (1290 days)…Blessed are those who patiently make it through the 1335 days” (to the end). And you? (who are the saved, what will you do?) GO about your business without fretting or worrying. RELAX. When it is all over, you will be on your feet to receive the reward.” Daniel 12:11-13 THE MESSAGE BIBLE

The stories and visions in the Book of Daniel have, for over 2000 yrs ago continually reminded us of “The Sovereign GOD.” Images roar through the pages encouraging us to Trust and obey Our God, especially in times of suffering and persecution. Even today, we must Obey and Trust God is working it out when we daily live in a God-ignoring culture. Daniel’s chapters are composed of 6 soul stories and 4 sovereignty visions about the end of the world as we see it today. Although the visions are difficult and written in mysterious cryptic-style (apocalyptic), they have been intensely studied and explained; they give witness to a larger view of world history in the end of times. More importantly, they re-affirm that we can trust “The Sovereign GOD” and He will bring all things and all people under His rule.

Rarely, today do we see the integrity and perseverance congenially expressed in the 6 stories to be God-loyal and a true disciple of Christ. This lesson focuses on the character of the souls in these stories. The question for us is in 2 Peter 3:11, “What manner of person ought you to be in all conversations (holy & godliness), seeing that all things shall be dissolved (in the end of times)?

This is Daniel’s list

1. Life begins with Belief in Sovereign God who rules over all humans and their affairs Dan 4:25

2. Disciplined prayer life Dan 6:10

3. Studied the WORD and believed it Acts 6:4; Rom 10:17; John 15:7

4. Aware Spiritual warfare exits Col 4:12

5. Sought God’s act in every situation & secret unknown Why? To give God glory Dan 2:28

6. Realized he personally had Kingdom work to do Matt 25:21 Don’t do less than least

7. Was tactful (consider situation, who and what around), respect authority 2 Tim 2:24 Be willing to be gentle, apt to teach, meek, no quarreling

8. Insight of World History in Theology John 4:22 Some folks know not what they worship;

Salvation came thru Jews who didn’t believed, sins saved by Christ and now Gentiles saved.

9. Life Ends: God is our Ultimate Judge: We are in God’s hands and God’s will! God hates pride, loves humility, take care of poor, speaks to us through our dreams Acts 27:23; Jer 29:11

Psalms 150: “Let everything that has breath PRAISE the LORD!

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