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“There was a certain priest naked Zacharias…who had a wife named Elisabeth, And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless, and they had no child for Elisabeth was barren and stricken in years…And the Angel Gabriel said to Zacharias…Fear not, for the Lord has heard your prayer…Your wife shall have a son and his name shall be John…Zacharias (in unbelief ) “Whereby shall I know this for I am too old and my wife cannot have a child? And behold, he became unable to speak until the day the child was to be born” Luke 1:5-20 KJV

Have you ever wondered what it will look like when Jesus returns to earth? What will it mean in the Spirit world? From what has been written for us in His Word is the rich experience of salvation expressed by God through His Love.

For many 1st Century Christians, we cannot even phantom the weight of Redemption. Millions of slaves walked around in bondage; they were brought in-and-out of slavery; sold like furniture. I would imagine slaves craved freedom and cried for God to save them.

Peter reminds us it is a type of “emptiness” to live for the flesh rather than live for the will of God. Titus 3:3 tells us “we sometimes were foolish, disobedient, deceived, s erving lusts and pleasures, living in envy and hateful. Timothy 3:3 says “we were lovers of ourselves, proud, unthankful, disobedient to our parents, lovers of wine, without natural affection but affection to those we should not; despisers of those that are good; ever learning, and never able to come to know the truth of the gospel.”

Jehovah God Himself realizes our “true” needs. God Himself sent “Himself” in the form of Jesus to save us. Jesus Christ could only pay the price necessary for the redemption of our sins, and Him alone. Jesus came to bring deliverance from all sin today, yesterday and the tomorrow to come.

Christ has raised up a “horn of salvation” for us as Christians. We are an army of victorious power with a Redeemer who carries us in health and soundness; a Redeemer who not only conquers the enemy but will not allow any more of His believers to be carried away. When we trust Jesus, we are moved from Satan’s power. Believers who search for Him are moved into the dominion of God’s Kingdom. We are redeemed and forgiven. We are set free not to do our own will (that would be bondage) but to do His Will. We are to be obedient in all things, not answering again, not purloining but in good fidelity and we are adorn with God’s doctrine in all things. God’s good news has come in Jesus. How shall you respond to Jesus call this week?

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