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“Son of Man (Ezekiel), go to the house of Israel and speak with MY words to them...But the

house of Israel will not listen to you, because they will not listen to ME (their God).”


This week’s lesson focuses on the Book of Ezekiel. The prophet Ezekiel at the age

of 30 years, God, sent him to minister to the exile of people who were living in

Babylonian captivity. Ezekiel arrived in 597 BC as part of the second of four

deportation of other Jewish Israelites after Jerusalem’s fall. Their temple destroyed

in 586 BC. Ezekiel told them how displeased God was with His people for their years of sins in

Jerusalem and in exile, their disrespect for Yahweh’s holiness and Judgment had come. Ezekiel,

sent by God, was to emphasize the sovereignty of the Lord God and The Hope only God

provides. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. God consistently calls people to

proclaim His Truths. Even today, we must remain faithful to God every day, through time, even

through bad times.

The exilic Jewish people were in that time discouraged and lonely. Many of their

relatives and friends still lived in Jerusalem. Exile meant the end of Jewish

independence and a life under pagan rule. Even their way of worship changed

without their temple. They were in a different culture, around different religions

and gods. How would you feel if presented with similar circumstances? They were

now living in a different civilization with different cultures, religions and gods.

Babylonians believed in many gods. Their various god/goddesses involved persons

of nature (e.g. gods of rain and floods, war, astrology, moons and even sexual

desires). Each town had their own temple but worshippers were not in the temple,

only clergy could enter. Citizens would worship on corners or in their homes

where a god would reside. Worshippers provided clothing, food and water before

the god as daily food and not as a sacrifice. They believed no event seemed too

trivial to set before the god to pray for as long as it could predict the future.

Our Sovereign God has presented a different way for His people. Even today, during these trying

times, OUR GOD remains faithful. God has planned a way, God’s mystery.

Jesus is our way and lives in us, “The Hope of Glory” (Col 1:27). In Jesus, we are all

complete, who is over all principalities and power. As hard as it was for the exilic

Israelites, it is hard for us today. The Lord longs to bring all nations to the

knowledge of His mystery, greatness and glory! Keep Alert! Eat Healthy!

The Ministry of MedLifeFit Medical Spa wants to encourage ur spiritual discipline!

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