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How much do YOU weigh?


How much do YOU weigh? 3/12/2023

“And Joshua said to the people; Sanctify, yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” Joshua 3:5

The focus of the book of Joshua speaks toward the FAITH of an entire nation. This story deals with more than ancient history and the Jews but shines on the faith of an entire nation of people just like you and I. This story is about our lives and the life of the church today. The book of Joshua is about the victory of faith and the Glory that comes to God for His entire splendor and power.

For God did make the move forward toward us in ancient time that allows us even today to claim our rich inheritance in Christ Jesus. Moreover, remember, Salvation is just the beginning in our personal spiritual growth and in our service for the Lord. We have more land yet to plow and possess. So, let’s discuss “The Word of Faith” during Joshua time.

The people came to the Jordan River to wait for orders of God with freedom in front of them and returning behind them. They could not swim across it especially since was at a flood stage. Joshua was an early riser who usually spent a few hours in the AM in communion with God. The people God uses know how to discipline their bodies so that they can give themselves to the Lord in the early mornings, like Jesus (Mark 1:35). It is impossible to live by faith unless you read the WORD of God and prayer (Acts 6:4). The depth of water can have weight. Our depth in the Word can gives us weight, to be strong and rooted in a dependency of God. How much do YOU weigh? God can even help us through this Lifestyle journey when we stay in The Word and Prayer.

Joshua soon gave them orders to moved closer to the Jordan River and then cross the river particularly with the ark going ahead of them. The ark of God was the throne of God, the place where God’s glory rested when the ark sat in the tabernacle, enthroned between the cherubim in the tabernacle. The fulfillment of their wish to cross the waters was dependent upon their obedience to the order. God can bless us when we are obedient. We are not earning God’s blessing; we are making sure our hearts are ready for God’s blessing when we read His Word daily and pray. Again, next week tell me how much do YOU weigh, spiritually!


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