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Fall on your face

Title: Fall on your face 11/02/2020

And Moses said unto Aaron, Go unto the alter, and offer thy sin-offering and thy burnt-offering, and make an atonement for thyself…and went unto the alter, and slew the calf…and dipped his finger in the blood, and put it upon the horns of the alter…and the glory of the Lord appeared unto unto them…and all the people fell on their faces” Leviticus 9

In these times of Covid-19, we must wash our hands, wear masks, maintain social distancing, stay away from crowds and each other. But I still miss my church home and gathering together for Wednesday Bible study and Sunday worship services. Meeting at the alter weekly is where we repent, asking for forgiveness, repenting and then climaxing the glorious presence of Jehovah God.

Today’s Word of the Week comes from Leviticus Chapter 9. Moses was to instruct the Jewish people on the various roles that God wanted for His Kingdom. The bible tells us God wants His church to be a Holy nation, a people belonging to God, a people whom He called out of darkness into his marvelous light and a people who will submit to God’s authority that ultimately reveals God’s Glory and accepts His discipline. Moses, commanded by God, instructed Aaron, his brother and his sons, to become priest for the people. God did not leave his people without instructions on where His church is to go, or what to do as they travelled through wilderness. Today, He has not done this to us today. Romans 4:3 says, “For what does the scripture say?” Like Abraham, whereby on faith He believed and was counted right by his faith. We can’t substitute people’s ideas for God’s Word.

Aaron, the Priest and his sons obeyed God’s Word and Commandment. After their weekly duties were over and the people had worked, it was time to go into the tabernacle, fall before the alter and pray seeking God’s face. God had promised Moses that he would show them His Glory when they fell before the alter and after they had made an atonement for their sins (they had committed that week). This process was to be continued so God would continue afterwards making the appearance of His Glory which ultimately blessed the people. One of the main purposes of the tabernacle ministry was to glory the God of Israel whose glory dwells on the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies. Even today, God hates idolatry and anything that steals His time with His people. The story tells us that God’s glory eventually left the tabernacle and later the Temple. But God sent His Glory again to earth when He sent Jesus and because the sinful people lacked submission to His authority and they nailed God’s Glory to a cross. Today…a place to start is at the altar. Minister Jessica Dowe MD

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