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Lifestyle change
How it works:​

1.Weight Loss Stage

Lasts three to six months. Either a low carb diet or meal replacements are used and "B.E.N.S." theory aids the patients in rapid weight loss while teaching him or her how to modify behaviors and control meal portions. 

2.Transitional Stage

Patients transform from meal replacement to conventional grocery foods while maintaining their weight loss goals. We have a Masters-level nutritionist on staff to help guide the transition.

3. S.T.A.R. 

After successfully achieving your weight loss goals, a nurse or health coach will assist you with the Steps to Avoid Regain (S.T.A.R.) 

4. Maintenance Stage

A service not offered by most weight loss programs, the Maintenance Program will help patients transition to the newly updated USDA-recommended approach to nutritional eating to to maintain weight loss and lifestyle changes.

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