General Family Practice in Louisville, KY
Med Life Fit is an innovative medical organization focusing on rapid weight loss, weight management, and family practice services for ages 13 and older.

Our mission at Med-Life-Fit Family Practice is to: promote the health of our patients by providing innovative, high-quality, comprehensive, personalized healthcare. Our team will work as your ambassadors on your quest to a healthier lifestyle. One pound at a time, our weight loss program will safely renew your mind body and spirit.

Recently Med Life Fit also opened the family health care portion of our practice. This division serves as a “medical home” for our patients by coordinating, managing and integrating the different aspects of their health to ensure comprehensive, holistic care.

Dr. Jessica Dowe is double boarded in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. We also have highly trained nurses and nurse practitioners, health coaches and diabetes educators on staff. We want to help you manage your stress, ease into lifestyle changes so that they truly are life changes, teach you about nutrition and even have you attend healthful cooking classes.

We are totally committed to solving your health risk issues and achieving your fitness and health goals. We create a comfortable, compassionate atmosphere where the relationship between the practice and patients is one of partnership and open dialogue. We encourage patient education, lifestyle modification, and prevention as critical aspects to optimal long-term health. We provide our patients with the resources to enable them to make informed lifestyle and health care decisions and partner with patients to minimize their risks of developing a disease.

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